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Sine waves, for me, symbolize the quintessential 'pure' SOURCE, where simplicity gradually evolves into complexity.

A fascinating phenomenon occurs when two sine waves with differing frequencies intersect;  this collision yields a pulsating effect, generating rhythmic soundscapes.

Drawing inspiration from Alvin Lucier, Stockhausen, and Steve Reich, I aspire to capture the essence of this beat effect by employing 8 tape loops, each emanating distinct sine waves.

To enhance the auditory experience, the installation engage with tangible tape loops, My goal is to capture the beauty in imperfection and elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. At the heart of this composition/installation lies a deeper contemplation of the inherent tension between the SOURCE and its remarkable ability to adapt and transform within the confines of the space it occupies

Vier.Zentrale Mülheim 2024 

Fleders fantastische Reise oder Fliegen lernen mit Drache: Clients
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