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Fleders fantastische Reise oder Fliegen lernen mit Drache: Listen


Grosso Modo/Tel Aviv 

August 2023 


My inspiration and musical approach are based on a LoFi aesthetic, a fractured art that manipulates sounds to explore the organic nature and fragments of audio. In my work, I utilize distortion and manipulation to influence the perception of the aural and visual information presented. My sound installation at Grossomodo consists of a collection of sound recordings from various locations in the city of Tel Aviv, places that hold personal connections to my childhood. By manipulating and converting these field recordings into tape loops, I aim to create introspective and impactful sonic landscapes, capturing the beauty in imperfection and elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary. At the heart of the installation lies the call to explore the boundary between the constant tension of urban life and the somewhat absurd feeling of home amidst the chaos.

Fleders fantastische Reise oder Fliegen lernen mit Drache: Clients
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