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Sound Art/ research project

a digital walk through a Kafkaesque universe

We invite you to take a digital walk. STILLE WASSER SIND TIEF is a collection of materials on the subject of emptiness - consisting of texts, images and videos that are associatively linked. These set pieces are freely arranged on a homepage and invite you to lose yourself in them. Waste your time in a Kafkaesque internet universe. That is the motto here.

Overall concept / direction: Simina German

Text / concept: Akın Emanuel Şipal

Performers: Simina German, Sven Gey, Pia Alena Wagner, Johanna Wieking

Composition / Sound: Yotam Schlezinger

Choreography: Simina German / Pia Alena Wagner

Camera: Nina Gschlößl, Akin Emanuel Şipal

Editing: Simina German, Nina Gschlößl

Photos: Simina German, Akin Emanuel Şipal

Light rotation machine house Essen: Simon Knöß

Web design: Giacomo Nanni, Julian Peschel

Press and public relations: Sina Langner

Funded as part of the Reload scholarship program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Thanks to the Maschinenhaus Essen.

Stille Wasser sind tief: Clients
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